Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Father's Day Initiative

It's Father's Day!  Did we make our goal to lose a certain amount of pounds by this day? 

I came up a little short of my goal but was successful in my effort.  My target was to lose 15 to 20 pounds by this date.  While I didn't reach 15 pounds, I did break into double digits...reaching 12 pounds lost. 

Over this timeframe, I realized there would be good weeks and not so good weeks...especially when I went out of town and my routine was thrown off some.  When this occurs, you just have to manage thru it and then get back on path to keep things going.

While this day is here and tomorrow it will past, my goal to reach 15 to 20 pounds lost will continue.  I think I will add something different to my goal now.  What is it?

I want to be able to fit comfortably in my Army Captain Dress Blues and/or Class A uniforms...last worn in 2001...the year I got out of the military.  I think (hope) I will be able to do that if I hit that 20 pound mark.

Let's go for it.


Be T.R.U.E.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Father's Day Initiative...T-8 Weeks

2 Months to go!

What's the progress?

I've crossed into the double digits...currently sitting at 11 pounds dropped.

It appears to be getting harder and harder to get even 1 pound knocked off now. Because of that, I am now trying to target my workouts to burn in specific locations. Just this week I decided to incorporate cycling into my switch up the muscles being worked.

There are a couple of guys at the gym that has been on the same journey to knock off some pounds. In speaking with them, they are now continuing to give me motivation. One has knocked off over 40 pounds and the other over 70.

That's what this is all about...providing motivation to help others reach their goals. Whether it's losing weight or starting a business or living an honest life, we need to find ways to encourage each other in a productive way.

I hope to knock off 6 - 7 more pounds over these next two months...3 per month. Once there, I will then start working on sculpting. We'll see how that goes once we get there.

What's your progress?

Be T.R.U.E.

The Father's Day Initiative

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Father's Day Initiative...T-11 Weeks

2 &1/2 months to go!

What's the progress?

For me, I ended the month of March on a pretty good note.  I didn't reach my stretch goal for the month, but got  1lb away from it.  Yesterday morning after I finished my aquatics regiment, the scale showed that I am now down 9lbs.  My stretch goal for the month was to be at the 10lbs mark. 

With over 2 months left in the initiative, I am going to target burning 3lbs off per month.  If done, I will be at my lower limit goal of 15lbs well before Father's Day.

I'm continuing to switch up my workout routines to challenge my body and work different muscles to ensure I can continually burn those unwanted calories that hang out in the wrong places. 

Once Easter hits, I can go back to eating chocolate.  I have been great thus far, and really haven't been tempted much...other than the three (yes 3) times my wife made homemade brownies in the house.  I didn't eat any.  I do plan to eat less chocolate than I did before Lent...less Cookies & Cream ice cream...try to stay away from that Subway chocolate chip cookie when I get the Daily Value Meal ($3.99).  We'll see how it goes.

I want to thank one of my cousins that has been pushing through this also and has already reached his overall target goal...great feedback to keep me motivated to reach my goal.

What's your progress?

Be T.R.U.E.

The Father's Day Initiative

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Father's Day Initiative...T-16 Weeks

It's been a few weeks since the last update.

It's been an okay month for me despite several challenges that have come up derailing some of my routines. Over the past few weeks I have managed to drop a total of 4 pounds. I must say that I'm feeling good about my progress thus far...reaching a total of 7 pounds lost thus far. I hope I can keep it going over 16 more weeks.

My plan is to keep my steady routine of hitting the gym/pool as often as I can...4 to 5 days a week. Now I must say that Lent is going to help out tremendously. I am giving up chocolate for Lent and that's going to cut out a lot of desserts I like to eat. We'll see if a few more pounds can come off leading up to Easter.

What's your progress?

Be T.R.U.E.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Father's Day Initiative...T - 20 Weeks

What's the status?

I had a better week from the previous one. I was able to knock off 2 pounds this past week. I couldn't depend on my workout routine much because of a cold virus that decided to hit me early in the week.

I did cut down on my bread intake some by staying away from the breakfast buscuits and I plan to continue this week with the same strategy. I hope to pick my workout routine back up. I will try to extend my swimming routine by at least 10 minutes this week. For those that swim, you know that 10 minutes of extra swimming is a long time. We'll see how it goes.

What's my target for this week?...another 2 pounds. If I can do that, I will be 1/4 (25%) towards my overall goal.

Let's see if this initiative can keep going in the right direction.

What's your status?

Be T.R.U.E.

C Wells

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Father's Day Intitiative...T - 21 Weeks

Ok fellas, we have 21 weeks to go till we hit Father's Day. How are you doing with shedding the pounds? I haven't done as well as I wanted...only 1 pound lost thus far. I should expect this result because I didn't do everything I wanted to do over the past week. I need to be a little more discipline with my meals and exercise regiment.
So I've lost 1 of the 20 and I have a ways to go, and I do plan to get there. How? I will try to cut down on the bread intake. This will be tough because from time-to-time I do enjoy a small breakfast sandwich from Chik fil A or Micky Ds. I also need to increase my running. This is something I have dreaded doing for most of my life. Even while serving in the military, running was not my top thing to do with my soldiers. Gotta push through it.
I am going to target dropping 2 pounds over the next week. Let's see how it goes.
What's your progress?
Be T.R.U.E.
C Wells

Monday, January 9, 2012

Father's Day Initiative

Here we go fellas. It's time to get moving.

At a recent gathering of families, a friend of mine declared that he was going to cut his weight down by a significant amount and wanted to put it out there so we could hold him accountable going forward. After thinking about it, I decided I would join in with him to declare an amount of weight I will drop. I want to open this to all fathers out there. It's NOT a challenge to see who can lose the most weight. It is an initiative to get fathers inspired.

Why be inspired? We needed to make sure we are in the best shape possible to ensure we live a long life for our see them grow up to be see our grandkids grow up...and maybe be blessed to see a 4th generation come into the world.

Why fathers? I wanted to focus on fathers to give us an extra push that others may not need. As fathers (and also husbands for many), our plates are full and time may be limited. This is a simple initiative to get all fathers to go that extra mile and work to become healthier than you are today.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is state the amount of weight you are committing to knock off. You don't need to state your current weight...we don't need to know that. You can then post any progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I plan to create a Facebook page specifically for this so progress updates can be easily posted.

I would like to set an initial "milestone" date for Father's Day. Let's see what we can lose up to that date in June. Then we keep going after that.

Now I will start things off by declaring I will lose between 15 - 20 pounds. Now I'm accountable to everyone reading this.

How much do you declare to lose?

Be T.R.U.E.
C Wells